Most Amazing and Surprising Google Projects

Most Amazing and Surprising Google Projects. Check out the most amazing google projects! From google x to google wind and google alphabet, this research for future google technology and gadgets is absolutely amazing!

8 Google’s Projects which are most amazing are:

  1. Space elevator: Space flight is highly expensive. It requires millions and billions of dollars to send even a small object from ground level. The Google had found an alternative system that brings the price down.
  2. Project Foghorn: This project was born in 2014. It was looking at developing new fuels by using sea water.
  3. Project Malta: This project is for the use of renewable energy.
  4. Verily: This project is originally known as Google life science.
  5. Dandelion: This project developing the technology to use geothermal energy.
  6. Project Wing: This project of google is to get involved in home deliveries.
  7. Project Loon: Project Loon is founded to connect the world by a network of balloons.
  8. Makani Power: Makani Power is a project of google to revolutionize wind energy.

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