Apple Event 2023 – Every year Apple company arranges a special event which is called an Apple Event in the month of September. This year’s Apple event is going to happen on 12 September 2023 named “Wonderlust”. Every year at the Apple event Apple Company launches its new products. Everyone waits for this event including buyers and the media waits for this huge event too.

As in the last year in 2022 the event was held on the 7th of September and they revealed the iPhone 14, Apple Watch Series 8, and other devices.

This year in 2023 the Apple event is Apple will launch the iPhone 15 iPhone Plus, iPhone Pro Max, Apple watch series 9, new iPad Mini, and Air Pods Lite. They are also expected to release new IOS for iPhones.

This event will be streamed live on Apple’s official website at 1 p.m. ET and viewers can watch it on the Apple website according to their time zone. Again this time at the Apple event 2023 the show will be recorded as like the past events since 2020.

Apple September Event 2023 “Wonderlust”

The Apple September event is a special event organized by the biggest company in the world, Apple. The event is Named “Wonderlust” and Apple has invited everyone to this event on September 12, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. PT. In this special event, Apple launches its upgraded new products. These products mainly include the iPhone series which people are waiting for very eagerly. Apple organizes this event every year in the month of September and last time they launched many upgraded products.

Apple September Event 2023 location, date and time

The Apple September event will take place in Apple’s Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California at the same place where all previous events occurred. The event will be recorded like the previous events. The date of Wonderlust is 12 September 2023.

  • U.S.: 10 am PDT
  • Europe: 7 pm CEST
  • U.K.: 6 pm BST
  • India: 10.30 pm IST
  • Pakistan: 10.00 pm PST

How to Watch the Apple September Event 2023

Apple’s September event will be live in California where the Apple CEO will present the products with his partners. The event will also be streamed live on the Apple website so viewers around the world can watch it on the Apple website.

The event duration will not be longer than two hours and the event will be streamed live on the Apple website and YouTube where you can watch it.

Apple September Event 2023 Expected Products

These are some expected Products that Apple is realizing at the Apple Wonderlust Event 2023.

1. iPhone 15 Series

Apple is ready to announce the iPhone 15 series which is going to be the main highlight of the event and the hot product of Apple. Apple is launching the following iPhones,

iPhone 15

The Apple launching iPhone 15 will be with 60Hz and a large screen of 6.1-inch. The charging storage of the iPhone 15 will be 3,877mAh. It will be available in three colors ranging from yellow and green to pink.

iPhone 15 Plus

The other version of iPhone 15 which is called iPhone 15 Plus will be available with 60Hz, and a wider and bigger screen of 6.7 inches. The charging capacity of the iPhone 15 Plus is also upgraded to 4,912mAh.The iPhone will also be available in the same three colors yellow, pink, and green as iphone 15.

iPhone 15 Pro

The IPhone 15 Pro will also be launched at an Apple event and will be the hottest product of all. The IPhone 15 pro has a 4,852mAh battery and the best thing about this version is that it has been upgraded with the A17 bionic chip. The IPhone 15 will be available in a dark red color.

iPhone 15 Ultra

Iphone 15 Ultra is the next level of iphone with unbelievably 1TB of storage and 120Hz displays. It is available in both 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches size. Another thing to discuss about this version of the iPhone is its round edges Unlike other versions of the iphone iPhone Ultra doesn’t have square edges its edges are round and smooth. The IPhone Ultra or iphone Pro Max will be available in dark red color.

Some updates about the iPhone 15 suggested that the design will be changed and the edges of the iPhone will be made smooth and a bit Roundy. IPhone 15 will have a type of pod then lightning. The charging capacity of all the models will also be increased as the iPhone Ultra will have an almost 5000mah battery and a new Apple A17 bionic chip.

2. Apple Watch series 9

Apple released their Apple Watch Series 8 in 2022 and now they are planning to release the Apple Watch Series 9 in September. Apple Watch series 9n will be unchanged and the design will be the same as the previous one but a real modification will be the use of an A9 chip. The new modification will increase the battery health and product efficiency.

Apple Watch Series 9 will be available in two materials and in different colors. Watch series 9 will be available in aluminum and stainless steel metal.

Aluminum watches will be available in pink, red, silver, and dark colors.

Stainless steel watches will be available in silver and gold colors.

3. iPad Mini 7

Apple is also going to release iPad Mini 7. The previous iPad was released 2 years back in September and had 4 GB of RAM but it is possible Apple will increase the storage of the iPad in the September 2023 event.

4. Apple Ultra Watch 2

Apple Watch Ultra 2 will also possibly be launched in the September event of 2023 hosted by California. The changes and the upgrades in Apple Watch Ultra 2 are not that much the Apple Watch will be the same as the previous one.

5. Other Apple accessories

Apple is also releasing some of the Apple product accessories in the market. The accessories are listed below,

  • 1. Watch bands for Apple watches
  • 2. New cases for iPhone
  • 3. Air Pod case pro for iPhone 15 series
  • 4. Multicolor USB cables for iPhone

Apple software update

Apple is also releasing some of the new soft wares in the market as well for their products that will enhance the working of their products. These are the following soft wares that Apple is releasing in the September 2023 event,

  • For iPhone, they are releasing iOS 17
  • For iPad, they are releasing iPad 17
  • For the Apple Watches, they are releasing  watchOS 10
  • For Apple TV they are releasing tvOS 17

Apple Event 2023 Twitter Updates


Q. What are the products Apple releasing at the September 2023 event?

Ans: Apple is releasing the iPhone 15 series, iPad mini, ultra watch, and Apple Watch series 9

Q. What are the next Apple products launched in 2023?


  • iPhone 15 series
  • IPad mini
  • Ultra watch
  • Apple Watch series 9

Q. Where will the Apple September event be streamed live?

Ans: The Apple September event will be released on the Apple website.

Q. What is the exact date of the iPhone 15 release?

Ans: The Iphone 15 series will most probably be released on the 12th of September 2023.


Apple organizes an Apple September event every year in the month of September where they launch their new products. Last year in September they released the Watch Series 8 and iPhone 14 series and this year in 2023 they are planning to release the iPhone 15 series which includes iPhone 15, iPhone 15 plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone Ultra. Apple Watch Series 9. Ultra watch 2 and iPad mini 7 will also be released in this event.

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